Interconnectedness of Spirit Jackie Collins

For many years I was an educator in the Boston Public School system. Starting out as an elementary teacher I eventually became a technology instructor encompassing all grade levels. I moved into an administrative position in technology and then became a director of a city-wide technology family program. This part of my journey was involved in knowledge, study, learning, and teaching and facilitating. The focus was on the mind and my affirmation was “I know”. In 1990 I stumbled upon meditation and began a spiritual path in which the emphasis was on the inner journey, and the divine connection of oneness. My focus shifted from being defined by the exterior to developing my inner connection to Spirit or Source. Thus my affirmation shifted to “I feel”.  Meditating for well over 20 years has been the primary tool for developing my intuition. .

I discovered that as an Intuit, I receive divine guidance in a few ways. One is through a sense of clear feeling, called Clairsentience, in which I intuitively feel clients’ emotions or sense messages for them in my body. For example, during a Reiki session I’ll feel a constriction or blockage in the throat area and sense that my client has an issue with speaking their truth or making their opinion known. Sometimes I feel their sadness or doubt or concern in my body. I also hear messages from Spirit, called Clairaudience. The word clairaudience comes from the French clair, meaning “clear,” and audience, meaning “hearing.” It is the ability to hear things intuitively either inside your head or as voices or sounds. For example, I may be doing an angel reading when I come to a specific card and hear the specific message for that client which ultimately helps him/her understand the situation clearer. Sometimes during a Reiki session when I come to a certain area of my client’s body, I hear requests from Spirit to give my client a direct message regarding a connection to childhood.

It is my honor and privilege to be open to Spirit and channel divine messages for my clients via Reiki sessions or Angel Tarot Card Readings. By moving and balancing the energy during a Reiki session or giving intuitive angel card readings I look forward to helping my clients reconnect to their inner guidance.