“I had a beautiful Angel Tarot card reading with Jackie Collins. She did a 3 card reading that was quite profound. It went deeply into what I was experiencing at the time. I didn’t even ask her a question and she covered most of the issues that were in the forefront of my mind. She spoke with clarity and gentleness and great insight. Jackie is a gifted Reader.” – Leslie

 “I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Reiki Session with practitioner, Jackie Collins. Upon entering Jackie’s home and more private treatment room, I was struck by her connection with the spiritual world. Her treatment room evoked a sense of serenity and calmness as soft music was playing and candles were lit. As her client, Jackie greeted me warmly and was eager to create a connection with me and make sure I was comfortable. She was also appropriately respectful of boundaries and prepared me for each step she would take during the treatment. The session was thoroughly relaxing! Once the treatment was complete, Jackie gave me a few moments to transition from that deep state of relaxation to the present moment. Then she spent time discussing the observations and insights she discovered during the treatment. I found this to be validating and right on target with what I was experiencing. I would highly recommend Jackie for a reiki healing session”.- Karen
“If you are seeking some insight into a situation you are experiencing I would highly recommend an Angel Card reading with Jackie. I went to her with a very specific question about what was going in on my life because I needed to make a decision. The valuable information she gave me during the reading enabled me to understand what was going on in my world. Jackie takes all the time that she needs to study the cards to see how they all fit together and what they have to say about your situation. She connects to the angels and they give her guidance. The information that Jackie gives you about where you are coming from, how things stand in your present, and what is coming up in your future are so detailed that you can’t help but understand exactly what she is saying. I was feeling very stuck and negative. Once Jackie did my reading, I saw that everything that I thought was a negative situation was actually something very positive clearing the way for me to take my next step! Because of my reading with Jackie, I felt enabled to take a leap of faith and start my own business. Not only did this reading help me to decide what I would do, but it lifted my spirits.”- Betty
” This Angel card reading from Jackie was extremely helpful and insightful….I was very impressed in how she explained the different cards and how fluid the reading was. I think this is an unique way to have a reading. First, a very thorough phone conversation following up with a intense and meaty reading. Jackie helped me with my story and my question and gave me a good sense to how to proceed with my decision making… Jackie is amazing and great to work with.”- Denise