Connect to Spirit


Each day I post an Angel card on my Interconnectedness of Spirit facebook page and give a reading on the energy of the day. At the end of the reading I close with a final statement which says “Remember to connect to Spirit”. Spirit is that unseen, universal, and reverent energy which nourishes our soul. People call it by many names – the Universe, God, Mother God, Shiva, Allah, etc. and makes us feel connected to something far bigger and more wonderful so we do not feel isolated. So I wanted to write a series on “Connecting to Spirit” and this is the first installment.

I have noticed that many times when we get caught up with our worldly issues and problems in life oftentimes we forget about Spirit and sort of close down and become introverted into our small, however important, world. I remember once when I had a channeling the message for me was, “Don’t forget to ask us (angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, God, Spirit) for help. We’re here to support you but can only do so when asked.” Since we have free will no spirit being can interfere or assist without our request or permission; however, Spirit is always available to us.

It is important for us to remember to connect to Spirit in a very intentional, tangible way. First we can take a few deep breaths and then consciously following these breaths we will come to a place of stillness and calmness. There, Spirit is waiting for us, to listen to us and communicate with us. It really does make a difference and things work out better. We can do this in our day to day routines, whenever a problem or conflict occurs, something doesn’t go our way, our feelings are hurt, etc. Taking a few deep breaths changes the focus from external to internal, thus having the added bonus effect of not only calming us down but bringing us to an internal place of self empowerment. No one will know what we are doing, but once we are connected to Spirit, they’ll notice a shift in your demeanor



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